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We’re all about making sure your business is protected. We have a driven focus on cyber security and create frameworks that enhance the way you work, giving data protection for both customers as well as employees of your business, so you know that your position meets the required standards or regulations, without the stress.

We have a business first approach to align with your needs, keeping things simple and the dialogue open throughout your journey with us.


Our team of experts work with you to protect your valuable customer data and system information. We understand the importance of keeping this safe, meeting industry requirements and work hard to ensure that your business is secure from cyber threats.


At Vinti Tech, we pride ourselves on educating our clients and their teams on cyber security techniques and awareness. We believe that knowledge is power, and the more our clients know about safeguarding their data, the better off they’ll be.


We can provide ongoing support for your business needs. As your business changes and grows, so does your cyber security approach. By partnering with Vinti Tech, you can feel confident that your business will be well-protected against online threats.

Our History

Our founders learned that meeting industry requirements in certain sectors of cyber security was a challenge, particularly to achieve the Right Fit for Risk (RFFR) for newly introduced Government standards. From this grew a desire to bring a solution to businesses with an approach that was tailored yet within reach - Vinti Tech was born.


Industry understanding that comes with achieving required accreditations to meet the Zero trust model and the Essential 8.

Problem Solving

From this experience, we understand the problems businesses face to support in navigating through the system.

Business Needs

There is not one solution to fit all businesses, while accreditation may be the same, the way you may need to deploy or tick the boxes will be a journey we map out with you.

Fresh Perspective

Yes, our aim is to be a breath of fresh air to the cyber security industry, break down the jargon and explain on your terms what needs to be achieved.

Our Services

In this ever-changing world of cyber security, it’s difficult to meet all requirements in one package. We offer services that help you bring together your people and quality with technology so we can create a holistic approach for securing the enterprise while meeting industry standards.

ISO 27001 Development

The ISO 27001 Information Security Management (ISMS) certification ensures that your business is implementing the best security practices to protect its information.

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Right Fit for Risk (DESE) Accreditation

Introduced by the Government, this level of accreditation is now required to ensure any organisation it contracts to deliver services on their behalf has adequate security processes and control in place.

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Ryan Villena

Director, Digital Partnership Office, DESE, Australian Government

“Please pass on my congratulations to the team – especially for the collaborative and cooperative partnership approach.”

Kerryn Kovacevic

First Assistant Secretary, Digital Solutions Division, DESE, Australian Government

“Congratulations on this achievement. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to this process and working cooperatively with the department throughout the program."

Renee Humphreys

Operations Manager, The Community Collective Qld

“Thank you Vinti Tech for your support in helping us work through our SOA Controls for the Right fit for Risk requirements, you were patient with our questions and helping us understand the ‘WHY’. Proud to say we have achieved our DESE Accreditation as a result.”

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